Javad is the son of Gulnaaz, who has been practicing yoga since the age of 7. He has been under the guidance of Guruji and Geetaji from a very young age. Javad started teaching Yoga also from a young age and has become one of the senior teachers at the Yoganjali Yoga institute. 


tahera dashti

Tahera is a sister to Gulnaaz.  She is an upcoming teacher who has been guided by Geetaji to assist medical classes, and is in training at RIMYI.  She is also a beginner’s teacher at Yoganjali.

Morteza dashti

Morteza is brother to Gulnaaz and Ali.  He started practicing seriously since 2001 through the teachers training held at RIMYI.  While he has taught in the Institute, he currently assists in the medical class, as well as teaching at Yoganjali.

Gulnaaz dashti

Gulnaaz started yoga when her brother Ali (featured in Yoga for Holistic Health), insisted that she begin studying with Geeta Iyengar because she was going through some life changes.  Once she was dedicated to her study of yoga, things started to gradually take shape and improve.  In 1998 she was granted a teaching position by Guruji (B.K.S. Iyengar) to teach beginner classes at the Institute in Pune (RIMYI).  Since that time she has become one of the senior teachers who teaches beginner’s, Intermediate, advanced, as well as assisting in the medical classes.


Iyengar yoga Baner pune